At Austflavor we have been providing processing services to the domestic wine and beverge industries for more than 25 years, using state of the art equipment, managed by experienced winemakers and food technologists, to ensure the desired results for our customers



Dealcoholisation through our spinning cone column allows the removal of alcohol to < 0.5%. 

By drawing the wine into super fine layers for efficient vapourisation, our new technology allows us to remove alcohol at lower temperatures than ever before .




The key contributors to the high quality of our concentrates are the low temperatures and short heating time of our new CT12 evaporator. For those customers that would prefer to supply their own juice we are happy to offer contract evaporation services. We concentrate juices up to 68.5 Brix (or as per customer specifications) and return, along with condensate, to sender.

VA Reduction


Using a combination of the dealcoholisation, evaporation and ion exchanging processes we are able to reduce the VA on a wine by up to 60%. 

Ion Exchanging


We are able to stabilise both red and white juices through the use of our cation exchange columns.  

Acid ion exchange is also available for adjustment of pH and TA.

Thermo Vinification


The thermoflash allows us to extract maximum colour into our red juice. Heating the must and injecting into partial vacuum causes the explosion of phenolic containing skin cells. This method of juice extraction also has benefits in laccase control.

Aseptic Packaging


At this moment we are installing new aseptic packing equipment allowing us to package juice or concentrate that can be stored and shipped without the need for freezing.


Available from Jan 15

Contract Crushing


The Buronga Hill Winery was built on contract processing relationships. With a capacity of 140K+ tonnes in a vintage we are perfectly suited for large and small volume contract processing operations. 

Export & Bulk Loading


Austflavor and Australian Vintage Ltd. have had decades of experience sending wine, juice and concentrates all over the world. Over this time we have built an exemplary facility with DMDC capability that we have made available for contract loading services.



Austflavor offers the services of our experienced winemaking staff for the production and/or packaging of B.O.B wines.